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What is a Franchise?

An authorization granted by a company to another individual or group allowing them to carry out specified commercial activities, for example acting as an agent for a company's products.

Who is an Investor?

An individual or an organization willing to put money in another company or brand in order to garner profits.

Who is a Franchisor?

The company that allows an individual (known as the franchisee) to run a location of their business. The franchisor owns the overarching company, trademarks, and products, but gives the right to the franchisee to run the franchise location, in return for an agreed-upon fee.

Who is a Trade Partner?

An agreement drawn up by two parties that have agreed to trade certain products, services or information to each other.

How can you be a Franchisor?

A franchisor should be ready to distribute franchising rights to another individual or company (an investor).

How can you be an Investor?

An investor should be willing to invest money into another company thus taking up franchisee rights.

What is a domestic property?

A property which is situated in a residential area.

What is a commercial property?

A property which is situated inside or within the premises of a commercial area.